Soviet Mabuta Uniform
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Soviet Mabuta Uniform

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The Mabuta (also known as Mobutu, Mabutu, Mobuta) suit is a Soviet made uniform that saw widespread use in the Soviet war in Afghanistan, mostly by VDV, DSHB and troops of the GRU. This is the first pattern, summer variant. It can easily been recognized because of the front thigh pockets. These uniforms are highly specialised and extremely rare to find. There is credible evidence that these were used by Soviet advisors and personnel in Africa and Afghanistan, 1979-1987.

Production started sometime after 1975 and seems to have continued with the second pattern until the end of the 1980's.

Features :-

  • Two front exposed chest pockets,exposed button cuffs and side adjusters at the waist line of the jacket.
  • High waist, five button fly front of the trousers, with trouser belt loops and side adjusters.
  • Two side slant pockets and two exposed button large cargo pockets with exposed button down tabs.
  • One large cargo pocket to the left leg, with exposed button down tab and one large cargo pocket, with exposed button down tab and bayonet two press studded pouch, with nylon adjustable strap, fitted to the lower part of the pouch.
  • Two button down bottom leg openings.
Hat/Beret/Cap Size
Size 58cm
Jackets & Shirts
Armpit to Cuff 17"
Inside Leg 30"
Outside Leg 43"
Waist 32"
Armpit to Armpit 22"
Collar to Hem 29"
Collar to Cuff 30.5"

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