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East West started from humble beginnings through the owner's passion for military history and collectables. It's this passion that continues to maintain the business's elite status today. What we do is more than just a business - it's a way of life. The collection of uniforms and other militaria in the Camo Lounge are not just units to be shifted to help the bottom line. Each of these items has a background story and when we sell you an item, we're passing that history onto you. As well as the knowledgeable staff at East West, as you can see from the list below, we have a support group of experts who each have their own speciality. It's all of this which we think marks us out from our competitors and makes us unique.


We regularly contribute products for review on Joint-Forces.com

The Support Group: our resident experts 

Vince: African Wars, France and French Foreign Legion

Sunray: British Kit

Dutch Ben: Modern US kit and clothing. Airborne Forces

Felix 15: British webbing and clothing

Cat: NATO and Modern desert warfare

Killa: World Camouflage/South East Asia conflicts since 1945


Rigga: Fabrication/Technical support

Rivvets: Armourer

Nick Kothe: M.I.A

Cas: British Army ORBATT/UKSF

Tibbsy:  East Bloc Forces/Asymmetric Warfare in the Levant/Middle East


Helgi (Robert Seaton) RIP


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